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Joy Berry

Joy Berry

Creator and Co-Founder

Because Joy Berry has written over 250 self-help books for kids that have sold over 85 million copies, she is known in the juvenile publishing and media industries as the “Inventor of Self-Help Books for Kids.”

According to Joy, “I began writing self-help books for kids in order to fill a void in both educational institutions as well as the marketplace. My goal was to provide step-by-step, easy to understand information that could help kids become responsible for themselves, responsible in their relationship with others, and responsible in the way in which they relate to their environment.”

As a child developmentalist, educator, and parenting expert, Joy worked from 1978 through 1990 to compile the Joy Berry Classics, which is the only comprehensive collection of self-help books that exists for children birth through 13 years of age. Since 1990 she has continued to update and contemporize the books and has incorporated the Living Skills/Character Building concepts for the books into story-based cross-media products including TV programs. Joy has advanced degrees in both Child Development and Education and is a mother and grandmother. She has never stopped working with children and continues to do so by working in both public and private schools throughout New York City.
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