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Gordon Hattersley the third

Gordon Hattersley III

Co-Founder and Board Member

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Gordon Hattersley III graduated from Colorado State University, and later attended Cornell University’s Professional Development program for executives in the hospitality industry. He believes in giving to the community and has been a member of the Colorado State Board of Agriculture, the governing board of Colorado State University, Fort Lewis College, and The University of Southern Colorado. He continues to support many charitable originations both locally and nationally.

Hattersley has been involved in the Hotel business for 25 years. He was the acting Manager of the Rancho Valencia Resort during its initial construction phase. Later he owned and operated The Steamboat Bed and Breakfast, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and remodeled an 1887 Queen Anne Victorian Mansion in San Diego creating The Britt Scripps Inn. All three hotel properties have been rated 5 star establishments. He has also owned a distribution company in Las Vegas, and is a current investor and advisor in a sustainable portable greenhouse company.

Hattersley created The Evergreen Group of companies (Evergreen Earth) to educate the public on the necessity of Sustainability. He created the Evergreen Project a 501(C) (3) non-profit to educate children on the need to preserve our planet for future generations. Several animated interstitials were created to educate children in a series called “Planet Kids,” and “Planet Minute.”

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